Some people should not be in the computer profession…

A friend of mine pointed me to this little question at one of the online forums:

hi all,

IntTemp = Int((255 * Rnd()) + 1)

I used above ASP.NET code.

Problem is in ” Rnd() ”
Rnd() value is changing everytime.

What is the alternative for Rnd()? OR How will stop Rnd() value changes at everytime?

What’s wrong with this picture?? I’ll tell  you what’s wrong… the guy should be flippin’ burgers or conducting audits. He shouldn’t be coding! Of course Rnd() is changing everytime… that’s a distinct characteristic of a Random number generator. If it didn’t change, it would be a bug.

That ranks up there with one of the systems admins I work with who couldn’t operate a microwave oven. And they control the servers that handle 13 million users? Perhaps, we need a command line on the microwave oven… they can’t handle a gui interface. Perhaps, make the microwave oven scriptable.

Oh well… that’s my personal laugh for the day!

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