Exhausted from recording…

Who ever thought that recording a bunch of tracks could be so exhausting? If anything, I spent a four hour session laying down some guitar tracks last night and when I was done, I started to pass out in the chair. I wasn’t going to push myself to do the bass tracks at that point as I wanted the song to be as tight as I could get it, so it could retain its energy and emotion. But, getting the guitar parts down itself took a lot out of me.

And to think, I’m not fully done with the guitar parts. I still have an acoustic part to record alongside a crunchy-clean electric part as well as a dual guitar lead. And if that starts feeling exhausting, then I had better rest up for the vocals and do the “Zen of Screaming” warm up before recording. No, I’m not screaming in the song, and if I am, it will be screaming in pitch. Those exercises help me breathe and sing.

As usual, I will post it to my Facebook music pages… which, in case you don’t know where it is, its at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jordan-L-Chilcott/6109943346

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